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  • Hours: Mon-Fri 6 AM - 8 PM | Sat-Sun 8 AM - 8 PM

    Ranch House Phone  970.963.6300

    Email: frontdesk@rvrma.org



RVRMA Governing Documents

Welcome to RVRMA Governing Documents. These are the legal documents that regulate how the River Valley Ranch Master Association is governed.

Start by reading the first two documents listed below. They provide an overview of the RVRMA Governing documents, including the purpose of each document, the hierarchy of authority for the documents, how and by whom each document can be amended, and other relevant information.

Disclaimer: The information on this site comes from reliable sources, however no guarantee is made of its completeness or accuracy. This information can change or be withdrawn at any time. Please note, this information and these materials are the property of RVRMA and may not be distributed or used for any purpose other than for reference without express written permission from the RVRMA.

RVRMA Governing Documents Overview

These two documents describe the purpose of each RVRMA Governing document.

Governing Documents Description

Governing Documents Summary Table


Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation outline broadly the Association’s purpose, its authority/powers (including structure of the Executive Board, voting rights and amendment provisions), and the type of corporation.

Articles of Incorporation


The Amended and Restated Master Declaration of Protective Covenants

The ‘CC&Rs’ or ‘Declaration’, as it is commonly called, elaborates on the HOA powers and administrative authority granted in the Articles of Incorporation.

Master Declaration of Protective Covenants

Master Declaration of Protective Covenants & Amendments Searchable Document (use Ctrl F for search feature)

First Amendment Declaration

Second Amendment Declaration

Third Amendment Declaration

Fourth Amendment Declaration



Bylaws will address rules and processes like how many people are on the board, what constitutes a quorum, how often various board and community meetings occur, how elections are conducted, notices to homeowners, and assessments.


RVRMA Bylaws PDF Searchable Document

First Amendment to the RVRMA By-Laws


Policies and Procedures

Policies address owners’ rights and obligations, for example, standards for the use of common areas or a ‘member in good standing’ policy. Procedures address the internal operations of the community association, such as collection procedures, and purchasing/contract policies.

Alternate Dispute Resolution Policy

Amendment to Policies and Procedures

Block A and F Painting Contract Inclusion Policy

Certificate of Compliance

Code of Conduct for the RVRMA Executive Board

Community Governance

Conflict of Interest

Election Policy for RVRMA Board of Directors

Examination Inspection Copying Association Records

Garage/Yard/Estate Sales at RVR (Revised Policy and Procedure)

Holiday Lighting and Decorations Policy

Infectious Disease Control and Environmental Mitigation Policy

Investment Policy

Irrigation Maintenance Block A and F

Meetings Ballots Proxies Policy

Member in Good Standing Policy

Political Sign Posting Policy

Purchasing Contract Policy

Reimbursement Assessment Policy

Special Hearing Procedures

Staff Treatment Policy

Trash and Recycling Collection Policy

Vehicle Parking, Storage & Repair Policy Addendum

RVR Fence Policy

Collection of Unpaid Assessments (2022)

Enforcement of Covenants and Rules

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations are intended to provide a framework within which people can enjoy the benefits of, and live in harmony in a ‘community’ setting.

Rules and Regulations

“Do You Know? Quick Facts: The Ranch House Family and Therapeutic Spas” Pamphlet


Irrigation Water

These documents describe the management and delivery of water at River Valley Ranch.

Amended and Restated Water Delivery Management and Maintenance Agreement

Irrigation Water Settlement Agreement

Irrigation, Grounds, and Maintenance Reporting Protocol


Golf Course Play and Operational Easement

These documents describe easements permitting golf course play and access for operational/maintenance purposes.

Golf Course Play and Operational Easement document


Colorado Common Interest Owner’s Act

CCIOA is the State of Colorado legislation that establishes standards for Home Owners Associations

CCIOA (Searchable Document)


PUD Information


RVR PUD Zone Districts

PUD Guide

Annexation Agreement

Final Plat Phase 1

Ordinance 20, Approving PUD Application

Ordinance 23, 1996, Phase 1