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Rules and Regulations

Fitness Studio and Cardio and Strength Room

1. Members utilizing the Fitness Center need to be clothed in proper workout attire. For safety reasons, sandals, flip-flops, street shoes, or elevated shoes are not allowed. Management reserves the right to challenge any questionable attire.

2. Please no black soled or hard soled shoes in the Yoga Room. Bike shoes should be put on just before getting on the spin bikes.

3. Fitness equipment users (weights, strength machines, cardio machines, yoga mats, etc.) must wipe down the equipment after use with the supplied sanitizer.

4. Fitness equipment users must return equipment to racks or storage areas when finished.

5. Please avoid dropping weights.

6. Cardio machine users should limit their time to 30 minutes when others are waiting.

7. Children under the age of fifteen (15) are not permitted in the second floor Fitness Center of the Ranch House unless:

a. The child is at least the age of eleven (11) and has permission from their parent and the RVR Fitness Director to take a class led by an RVR approved instructor

b. The child is at least the age of eleven (11) and exercising under the supervision of an RVR approved personal trainer