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Fitness Facilities

The fitness facilities at River Valley Ranch have a wide range of equipment, machines, and spaces for members to enjoy. The main workout room features treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, recumbent bikes, rowing machines and other equipment to build your cardio-vascular capacity.

There is also a complement of strength-building machines that address every large muscle group and many small-muscle groups. For those who prefer to use free-weights, there is an abundant array of dumbbell and kettle bell weights along with medicine balls and resistance bands.

RVR offers a number of group fitness classes which are held in our aerobics room, a mirrored, wooden-floored room with sound system and abundant natural light.

Also available are fit balls, bosu balls, yoga mats, blocks, rugs and other yoga equipment. The workout areas are equipped with towels, water and cubbies for storing personal belongings.