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RVRMA has the goal of reducing herbicide use throughout the community. We are working with the town of Carbondale Parks department and will take their recommendations for weed control in the parks and the community. We will use natural methods to choke out weeds such as aeration, fertilizing, overseeding, and topdressing. Herbicide use will be the last resort.

Bindweed, crabgrass, clover, dandelion, and thistle are rampant throughout the community. Some areas are in better shape than others. With the advice of the town of Carbondale, we will not be applying herbicides to the turf in Triangle park as it is in good condition. We will decide if an application for Orchard park is necessary in the spring as we are fighting an infestation of Canadian Thistle.

Last season we did three rounds of applications. This year we hope to cut that to one complete application and one spot spray application, with an additional application in August only if necessary.

If you opted out of spraying last year, you would remain on the opt-out list—homeowners who opt out will be required to maintain a weed-free property using alternative methods such as manual removal.

If you would like to be added to our opt-out list or have any questions, please email Travis.Green@rvrma.org


Relevant Updates:

  • Please limit watering as much as possible, we have had a good amount of precipitation this spring/early summer and we hope to reduce our overall usage year over year. 
  • The irrigation water is ON 
  • The spring fertilizer application is complete.
  • Outdoor Services completed a herbicide application on Thursday, April 21st.
  • Please report any leaks or maintenance issues associated with the water system to the RVRMA front desk; frontdesk@rvrma.org (or via email to the GM ashley.lynch@rvrma.org).  


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