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Administrative Approval Process

Home Improvements

Got a home improvement project in mind? This page summarizes what kinds of projects need HOA approval, and how you can most easily obtain that approval. Many home improvement projects can be approved with a simple Administrative Approval process that is described below. More complex projects may require review and approval by the DRC.

The Administrative Approval process is available for the purpose of efficiently handling customary and ordinary homeowner requests for approval of limited minor improvements repairs, such as perimeter fencing, satellite dish locations, replacement of diseased trees or vegetation, repainting, play equipment location/design, and similar items for existing approved residences.


Projects Impacting the Home’s Exterior

Any home improvement project that impacts the exterior of the home will need HOA approval. Many types of projects, such as roofing repairs, roof replacement, painting/staining, or window installation, can be approved through a simple Administrative Approval process. More complex projects may require a more formal design review by the DRC. (Click here for a detailed summary of HOA rules on what kinds of projects require HOA or DRC approval). In all cases, please fill out and submit a Home Improvement Application form.

Click here for RVR’s Home Improvement Application form.

Click here to learn more about the RVR Design Review Committee process.  


Landscaping Projects

Many landscape projects can be approved through the Administrative Approval process including landscape installation, tree planting & removal, raised garden beds and more. More complex landscape projects may require a more formal design review by the DRC. In all cases, please fill out and submit a Home Improvement Application form.

Click here to access the Home Improvement Application. 


Interior Remodeling

Projects like a kitchen or bathroom remodel, or putting in new flooring, that have no impact at all on the exterior of the house or on landscaping, do not require HOA approval. 


If you have any questions about the Design Review process or the Administrative Review process, feel free to contact Director of Design Review and Admin Services, Jessica Hennessy at 970.963.6300 ext 103 or jessica.hennessy@rvrma.org.


Home Improvement Application

Please provide as much detail about your project as possible in the description area of the form. Depending on the scope of your project, you will often need a site plan, ILC or survey as part of the submittal. We ask that you carefully review the requirements and allow yourself time to collect any required materials prior to submitting your application. After submitting your application online, it will go directly to Jessica, and she will determine if your project needs to go in front of the Design Review Committee or if it can be approved administratively.