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  • Hours: Mon-Fri 6 AM - 8 PM | Sat-Sun 8 AM - 8 PM

    Ranch House Phone  970.963.6300

    Email: frontdesk@rvrma.org



Design Review Committee

The River Valley Ranch Master Association Design Review Committee (DRC) was created to ensure that all residential, landscape, and site improvements at RVR preserve the natural beauty of the Crystal River Valley and RVR and ensure harmonious residential design and construction that protects and enhances property values.

The DRC is appointed on an as-needed basis by the RVRMA Executive Board of Directors. The DRC currently has two licensed Professional Architects, Kelleigh Condon, and Kevin Kreuz, and licensed Professional Landscape Architect Jennifer DiCuollo.

In addition to any new construction, any exterior improvement or revision at River Valley Ranch, including but not limited to, structural improvements or additions, exterior finishes, site work, landscape, sculptures, and play equipment must be approved in writing by the DRC prior to construction or placement of the addition, revision or finish.



Kevin Kreuz   Jen DiCuollo   Kelleigh Condon
Architect, Committee Chair   Landscape Architect   Architect



Kevin Kreuz, Architect – After having received his Masters of Architecture from Syracuse University in 1971, Kevin initially worked in Montreal, Denver, and Vail. Then for most of the past 35 years, he has been a principal/owner of architectural firms in both the Vail Valley and Cincinnatti, Ohio. His work has ranged from single-family homes in Beaver Creek, Colorado to $75 million school projects in Ohio. Kevin now lives at River Valley Ranch and spends his free time cycling, hiking, and fly fishing.

Jennifer Dicuollo, Landscape Architect – Jennifer received her Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Colorado, Denver in 2008. She currently works with a well-known local design firm, DHM. Jennifer serves on the Town of Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commission. With her strong background in architectural studies, art, and landscape architecture, Jen brings a wealth of experience to the DRC.

Kelleigh Condon, Architect – Kelleigh has lived and practiced architecture in the Roaring Fork Valley for the past sixteen years. Before that, she practiced architecture on the Front Range for ten years. Kelleigh specializes in residential architecture. Currently, she serves as a Project Manager at Land + Shelter in Carbondale. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, cycling, and skiing!

Jessica Hennessy, Director of Design Reviews and Admin Services – Jessica oversees Governance and Design Review activities.

You can reach Jessica at: jessica.hennessy@rvrma.org