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Community Update on RVR Golf Course

The RVR Master Association Board, with the help of the Golf Course Advisory Committee, is evaluating a variety of scenarios to address the golf course situation. The Board’s focus is on ensuring the long-term sustainability and well-being of the community, preventing development that changes the nature of the community, and preserving RVR Property Values.
This page is designed to keep the RVR community up to date on the latest developments with the golf course. Here, you can find a variety of informative documents, as well as an archive of the Board’s weekly Golf Updates.
For questions or feedback regarding the golf course situation please email golfquestions@rvrcommunity.com.
UPDATE 9/1/2022
Click here to see the newest golf course development ‘PRESERVING THE INTEGRITY OF RVR’
UPDATE 5.3.2019
The RVRMA Board and Golf Advisory Committee are awaiting a presentation from DHM Design of Carbondale later this month, the next step in understanding how the RVR golf course could potentially be used as “open space.”

DHM is working on cost estimates for a range of open space scenarios that the RVRMA could pursue if it owned or controlled the RVR golf course. The cost estimates are phase two of the consulting agreement with DHM. Phase one defined the open space scenarios.

The open space cost estimates will address capital investment and operating costs for each scenario. When the full DHM report is complete and has been accepted by the RVRMA Board, it will be shared with the RVR community, just as the Billy Casper Golf report was in late January.

Following completion of the DHM report, the Board should be able to compare potential costs and benefits to the community of operating the golf course, or converting it to open space.

The golf course is open for the 2019 season, and the current owner has indicated a desire to continue operating the course. But the Board believes it’s in the Association’s best interest to explore scenarios that might arise if the course were to eventually close. By preparing for a range of potential outcomes, the Board will be ready to react in a timely manner to any changes in golf course status.

UPDATE 3.15.2019
The RVRMA Board and Golf Advisory Committee recently received a draft report from DHM Design of Carbondale to provide an understanding of how the RVR golf course could be used as “open space.” The first phase of this report outlines a range of open space scenarios that the RVRMA could pursue if it owned or controlled the RVR golf course.

The Board, Golf Advisory Committee and DHM met on March 5 to review the report and further refine those open space scenarios before proceeding with cost estimates. Those costs estimates, which will address capital investment and operating costs for each scenario, should take one or two months to be completed. 

Click here for more
UPDATE 2.9.2019
The Glenwood Springs Post Independent is working on a story about the golf course situation at RVR. That story should be published early next week in both print and on-line editions. The reporter is expected to talk to the new owner of the RVR golf course this weekend to learn about his possible plans for the golf property.

The RVR Board told the reporter that if the golf course owner, Crystal Outdoors LLC, has a specific proposal, it would evaluate that proposal based on the Board’s three criteria:

  • Does it change the nature of the community
  • Does it provide long-term sustainability of the community?
  • Does it preserve property values?
UPDATE 2.1.2019
On Wednesday, the RVR Master Association sent all homeowners an email with a link to the complete Billy Casper Golf report. Last week, the RVRMA Board accepted the final report, and authorized its release to the community. The report is a compilation of data and analysis that the Board could use as it evaluates potential options for the golf course. 

If you didn’t receive the e-mail with a link to the report, please contact us and we’ll make sure you receive a copy. To request the report, and for any other golf-related question, please email us at: golfquestions@rvrcommunity.com

UPDATE 1.25.2019
The RVRMA Board on Wednesday took two significant steps in its efforts to address the golf course situation. The Board accepted the final Billy Casper Golf report, and agreed on steps to release it to the community. The Board also approved an open space consulting proposal from DHM Design of Carbondale.

UPDATE 1.18.2019
At next week’s scheduled Board meeting on Wednesday, two important golf-related items are on the agenda: accepting the final Billy Casper Golf report in preparation for distribution to RVR homeowners and accepting the open space consulting proposal from DHM Design.
Watch for updates on both of these items in next week’s Golf Update.

On Monday, Jan. 14, the RVRMA Board and Golf Advisory Committee hosted their sixth golf roundtable, the final one scheduled in our first series of these meetings. Since beginning the roundtables in late November, the Board and Committee have met with more than 80 homeowners. Additional sessions may be held if RVR homeowners indicate an interest in continuing the dialog.

UPDATE 1.11.2019
On Thursday morning, the RVRMA Board and Golf Advisory Committee hosted the fifth golf roundtable. The first four took place in November and December 2018. A sixth session will be held next week, on Monday evening. Monday’s roundtable, like the others, is by reservation only – and it is full. Additional sessions may be held, as long as RVR homeowners are interested in continuing the dialog.
UPDATE 1.4.2019
The first Golf Update of 2019 has two items: Information about additional golf roundtables; the latest on the Billy Casper Golf Report.

UPDATE 12.28.2018
This is the last Golf Update of the year. As we approach 2019, here are a few quick updates for you to end this year:
• Two golf round tables are scheduled for Jan. 10, in the morning, and Jan. 14, in the evening. Watch for sign-up details in an upcoming Golf Update.
• The Golf Advisory Committee is finalizing the Billy Casper Golf Report. We expect to make the full report available to all RVR homeowners by mid-January.
• We are in the early stages of our Open Space studies, an effort to understand the costs and options of converting the golf course to something other than a golf course. We’ll have a lot more details for you on this open space exploration over the next few months.

UPDATE 12.21.2018

At Wednesday night’s RVR Master Association annual meeting, Board President Yvonne Perry gave an update on the evolving golf situation. At the meeting, there was only one question about golf – and it was one we hadn’t heard before: Who owns the wooden bridges over the Crystal River, and what can be done to improve their condition?

The golf course owns the bridges. We’ll bring the concern to their attention.

It was encouraging that there was only one golf question. We’d like to think that, between these weekly Golf Updates and the series of four recent Golf Roundtables, RVR homeowners are becoming knowledgeable about the status of the golf course. Thank you for taking an interest in a subject very important to this community.

Speaking of the Golf Roundtables, two more are scheduled for January.

UPDATE 12.14.2018
On Thursday night, Dec. 13, the RVR Master Association Board and Golf Advisory Committee held their fourth and final golf roundtable of the year. At all four meetings, homeowners asked thoughtful questions and engaged in meaningful dialog with the Board and Golf Committee.

About 15 homeowners attended each session. The audience was intentionally limited to make sure everyone attending had an opportunity to be heard.


UPDATE 12.7.2018
On Thursday night, the RVR Master Association Board and Golf Advisory Committee held their third golf roundtable at the Ranch House. It was yet another opportunity for homeowners to offer their thoughts and opinions about the golf course situation, and ask questions of our community leadership.

The fourth and final roundtable of this year will be held next Thursday, Dec. 13. Due to significant interest in these events, and because of limited seating, all roundtables have been full. Additional sessions are planned for early 2019. Keep an eye on these weekly updates for dates and times of upcoming roundtables. The Board and Golf Advisory Committee are committed to continuing these meetings as long as homeowners want to have them.


UPDATE 11.30.2018
On Thursday morning, the RVR Master Association Board and Golf Advisory Committee held their first two golf roundtables at the Ranch House, meeting with about 15 homeowners at each session. The roundtables provided an opportunity for homeowners to offer their thoughts and opinions about the golf course situation and ask questions of our community leadership.

Participants showed the diversity of the RVR community – golfers and non-golfers, homeowners who live on the golf course and those who don’t, long-time residents and newcomers.
At both sessions, homeowners were interested in knowing more detail about the recently completed sale of the golf course to the new owner, Crystal Outdoors, LLC (represented by Dan Coleman).

In publicly available documents, the sale of the course is now shown as a $3.5 million transaction price. Late yesterday, following the two roundtable sessions, other documents that were recorded as part of the sale were made publicly available.

Additional golf roundtable sessions will be held over the next few weeks, and early next year.


UPDATE 11.23.2018
  • The small group roundtable discussions regarding the RVR golf course situation scheduled on Thursday, Nov. 29 at 9:30 a.m. and Thursday, December 6 at 6:30 p.m. are now full and closed to any additional attendees. More roundtable discussions have been added to the schedule on Thursday, Nov. 29 at 11 a.m. and Thursday, Dec. 13 at 6:30 p.m. Contact Kendra Ford at csm@rvrcommunity.com to reserve your spot.
UPDATE 11.16.2018
  • Discussed the initial meeting with the new owner of the RVR golf course, Crystal Outdoors, LLC, RVR Master Association Board and Golf Advisory Committee. At the meeting, the Board and the Committee heard for the first time Crystal Outdoors’ plans for the golf course.
UPDATE 11.09.2018

  • Discussed the Board’s first look at the Billy Casper Golf report, the upcoming meeting with the new owner of the RVR golf course, and a story in the Sopris Sun about how the change in golf course ownership could affect the RVR community.
UPDATE 11.02.2018
  • Discussed new information on the upcoming meeting with the prospective new owner of the RVR golf course. The new owner has again postponed a scheduled initial meeting with the RVRMA Board and Golf Advisory Committee.
UPDATE 10.26.2018
  • Discussed the upcoming meeting with the prospective new owner of the golf course, and the RVRMA Board’s preparations for that meeting.
  • UPDATE 10.12.2018:
  • Discussed the site visit to RVR by our golf consultant, Billy Casper Golf.Their next step is preparing a comprehensive report to the RVRMA Board, which we should have in the next few weeks.
UPDATE 10.05.2018:
  • Discussed the postponement of the initial meeting with the prospective new owner of the RVR golf course; the upcoming site visit by our golf course consultant; and, the beginning of our exploration of the golf course as possible open space.
    Click here to read more.
UPDATE 9.28.2018:
  • Discussed a consulting agreement with Billy Casper Golf, and an upcoming meeting with the prospective new owner of the RVR golf course. 
UPDATE 9.21.2018:
  • Discussed the latest news on the potential sale of the golf course.
UPDATE 8.24.2018:
  • To read Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding RVR Golf’s “RVR Alternative Proposals” click here.
  • To review details on RVR Golf’s efforts to rezone the driving range, click here.
  • To read the Town of Carbondale’s interpretation, click here.
  • To view results of the RVRMA Golf Course Survey, click here.