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Old Town

The Old Town neighborhood at River Valley Ranch currently consists of 65 single-family detached homes located at the southern end of River Valley Ranch adjacent to the Ranch House. Old Town is completely built out. The homes range from approximately 1400 to 3000 square feet. Some of the Old Town properties include an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Old Town is part of the River Valley Ranch Master Association (RVRMA). The RVRMA provides numerous services to Old Town owners for an additional dues line. Additional services include turfgrass maintenance on front lawns, irrigation water, snow removal, and periodic repainting. Old Town services do not include maintaining and repairing the structural elements and roofs of any homes. Please refer to the Amended and Restated Master Declaration of Protective Covenants for River Valley Ranch for all relevant information. Old Town services and initiatives are guided and reviewed by the Old Town Advisory Committee (OTAC). Additional information related to Old Town can be found in the Old Town Advisory Committee Charter below.

Old Town Advisory Committee Charter

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